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Do I Need a Server?

Many businesses can benefit greatly from adding a centralized server to their network.  First and foremost, adding a server to an existing network will allow for centralized authentication.  This means that a central user directory exists on the server that contains the user names and passwords of all the employees in the company.  In Windows, this is called an Active Directory domain. All the desktop systems on the network are then joined to the domain, and users log into their desktops normally, but the server controls their access.  This means that users can log into any desktop on the network with their user name and password, and have their files and settings appear as if they were sitting at their own computer. This functionality is crucial for security and provides the foundation for many other facets of network computing.

This directory can also be used to allow or deny access to certain files to only those users who should have access.  A normal small‐business server will have file shares available that contain users’ personal files as well as shared files that other users can access when necessary.  By dedicating a share to each user, they can store sensitive and private information in a place that only they can access.  There are public shares that anyone with a valid account can access.  It’s also possible to use space on the server to back up laptop systems that might hold important data.  Coupling centralized authentication with file sharing greatly enhances security while making files easier to find.

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