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Is Your Computer Infected with a Virus or Spyware?

Stop the Junk Mail and Phishing Scams

Spam is electronic junk mail that is unsolicited.   Real spam is generally e-mail advertising for some product sent to a mailing list or newsgroup.  There are solutions to keep spam from taking over your inbox.

Northeast Computer Services is proud to announce its partnership with Proofpoint to bring you the best in hosted email security and continuity.  Proofpoint Essentials industry-leading technology ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages.

Proofpoint Essentials stops spam, viruses, phishing e-mails and other email threats before they reach your mailbox; incoming email is redirected to its fully redundant network and application architecture, which processes messages in real-time via both traditional spam filtering techniques and leading-edge approaches to message analysis including authenticity checks, message fingerprinting, heuristic rule sets, extensive URI databases, real-time message source analysis, and customizable whitelists and blacklists.

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