Managed Colocation Services

A colocation data center is a physical facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers.

Managed colocation services extend the benefits of typical data center colocation services to include physical hardware assistance, system administration, server backups, network equipment management, and proactive response monitoring. To keep your data online, you will need servers, data centers, storage, and network connectivity. Besides, you will also need the expertise to configure, maintain, and manage those environments. Organizations usually spend hours focusing on these tasks instead of concentrating on their core business. It is now time to hand over those tasks to a service provider and acquire some of the benefits of managed cloud hosting.

Colocation provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers can benefit from a 100% uptime SLA and focus on core business rather than managing a data center. Additionally, colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers to help streamline your architecture.

Our managed colocation options make it even easier to provide 24/7 service for disaster recovery, web, application hosting, site failover or for any business IT need you may have.