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Laptop Theft, Data, and Asset Protection

Northeast Computer Services is proud to announce its partnership with Absolute software to bring you the best in Laptop protection. Laptop theft has been on the rise and as a result many organizations have found themselves victims of potential data breaches that affect their employees and customers, as well as their reputations. A stolen laptop often means loss of sensitive data that is stored on that machine, which is likely to lead to a risk of identity theft.

Computrace Complete is a comprehensive solution that combines Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection, Secure Asset Tracking and the peace of mind offered by a Recovery Guarantee. It offers up to a $1000 Recovery Guarantee if a stolen or lost computer cannot be located within 30-60 days.

Data & Device Security – Remotely delete sensitive data on missing computers and produce an audit log of the deleted files to prove your compliance with government and corporate privacy regulations.  Use the Device Freeze feature to freeze a computer.  Once frozen, you can display a custom message to the user encouraging them to comply with specific requests for action (return for servicing, validate user identity, etc.).

Geotechnology – Use GPS or Wi-Fi technology to track your assets on an internet map. You will be able to see current and historical locations within about 33 feet. Geofencing allows you to build pre-defined areas (geofences) and apply rules with alerts if a condition occurs – for instance if a device remains outside of a boundary beyond a set measure of time.  If the physical location of a device contravenes the rule, you will be alerted so you can investigate and determine if further action is required.  Visit the Geolocation Technologies & Devices page for more information.

Theft Recovery – If your computer is stolen, contact us.  The Absolute Theft Recovery Team will work with local police agencies to recover your property and return it to you.

Service Guarantee – If a computer protected with our Service Guarantee is stolen, we will recover it or you may be eligible to receive up to $1000 per computer. Certain conditions apply so please read our Service Agreement for further details.

The Way it Works:

A tiny undetectable program is loaded into your computer. When your laptop is online, it will be monitored by Absolute Software’s secure servers.  If your laptop is lost or stolen, you contact Northeast Computer Services and we will submit a stolen laptop report.  Absolutes’ trained team of laptop tracking professionals will start a search for your laptop.  The next time your laptop logs into their system, it is logged, police officials are notified and they work with local police to recover the laptop.  Optionally, Absolute Software can initiate a data delete command which will disable the laptop and delete all data.

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